4 Weeks to Abs that Rock

The ebook 4 Weeks to ABS THAT ROCK is a 4 week (28 day) program designed specifically for strengthening your core balance and strength. No equipment is required to complete the daily workout; however, a yoga mat or soft surface IS recommended. These workouts can be done in your living room, at the gym, in your front yard, or wherever else you’d like! Each week is designed with the same basic format which includes easy instructions and photo descriptions of each exercise so you don’t get lost and are able to stay on track during your workout. For your convenience, written descriptions of each exercise are listed on pages 33-35 of the guide. Included on each "rest day" are some healthy tips and tricks to incorporate in your daily routine which will help you reach your desired results. Each week will increasingly be more challenging by increasing “work” time while decreasing “rest” time, thus avoiding a plateau in your muscle strength. There are OVER 30 different exercise movements so you don't get bored with doing the exact same thing every day! This ebook is available for download on any device and can be saved to your “ibooks” stand on an iPhone for quick easy access each day. Simply click the upload symbol and select “open in ibooks”. Now, go tell your abs it’s time to start showin’ up for the party!
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