True or False. Justify for full credit. (25 pts)
(a) The normal distribution curve is always symmetric to its mean.
True . this is because the mean, median and mode all lie about the same position.
(b) If the variance from a data set is zero, then all the observations in this data set are identical.
True. The variance is a measure of dispersion from the mean.So if the data set are identical then it would imply that the deviation from the mean is equal to zero.
C P(AANDA c )1, whereA c isthecomplementofA.
True. This is the case because the maximum probability in a given sample space is equal to 1.Hence if an element is not in thye sample space of A then it is in the complement of A. However the sum of the two sample spaces must always add up to 1.
dIn a hypothesis testing, if the p-value is less do not have sufficient evidence to reject the null hypothesis.
False. If the p value is less we fail to reject the null hypothesis.We fail to reject the null hypothesis when the p value is greater.
(e) The volume of milk in a jug of milk is 128 oz. The value 128 is from a discrete data set.
False. Volume of milk is continuous as it can assume any value between values of whole numbers.It cannot be counted as whole values.

2. Complete the frequency table with frequency and relative frequency. (5 pts)
Filled as shown below;
Check out time(In minutes) Frequency Relative frequency
1.0-1.9 2 2/25 = 0.08
2.0-2.9 8 8/25 = 0.32
3.0-3.9 10 10/25 = 0.40
4.0-4.9 5 5/25 = 0.20
TOTAL 25 1

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