Emotions Drag You Down

Emotions Drag You Down

This book is not about telling you that you have to be emotionless. Not at all. It's about explaining and trying to make you understand and deal with emotions in such a way that you don't let them drag you down. They can drag you down, indeed, but only because you act like a puppet that acts in keeping with the impulses generated by these emotions.

Anxiety, anger, envy, stress, exaggerated cheerfulness - all of these emotions arise because of a lack of understanding about what things one can control in life and cannot control. They arise because one fails to realize what he can change and what he cannot change.

They arise because one doesn't have the courage to change what is in his control or because one doesn't possess the willingness to accept what is external.

Our life is a constant battle between what we know and what we feel.

Buy this book in order to find out why emotions can indeed drag you down. OK?
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