Expert Answers

Expert Answers

1) Before his assassination, Senator Huey Long appeared to be developing as some sort of political threat to FDR.
Answer: True False
3) The Social Security system offered only a retirement plan for the elderly. Answer True False
4) Eisenhower's Democratic opponent in the 1952 and 1956 presidential elections was: 
A) John Kennedy
B) Harry Truman
C) Adalai Stevenson
D) Richard Nixon
5) President Kennedy gave his support to demonstrators for voting rights in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963 by a stirring speech on civil rights for black people.
Answer:True False
6) Which of the following did FDR NOT use to get his message across to the American people? 
A) newspapers
B) radio
C) movies (newsreels)
D) public appearances
E) television

7) What was the term for the conflict and tensions that started right after World War II between the United States and the Soviet Union and lasted for over 40 years? 
Answer:A) Stalin's folly B) the Cold War C) World War III D) the Korean War
New Deal programs were called "alphabet soup" because:
A) the Campbell's Soup Company gave FDR large political contributions
B) they were hard to digest for many Americans
C) they were hard to understand and spell
D) many agencies and programs were known by their initials

10) Which of the following national leaders was assassinated by a Palestinian extremist?
Answer: A) JFK B) Martin Luther King Jr. C) Robert Kennedy D) Malcom X E) Medgar Evers

11) Which of the following statements about Watergate is NOT true?
A) It involved cover-ups
B) It was proven years later that Nixon ordered the break-in
C) Money was raised for legal defense of the burglars
D) High-ranking White House officials served time in jail
E) Reporters Woodward and Bernstein investigated the break-in throughly
F) Information was provided to Woodward by a shadowy figure named Deep Throat (later found to be Mark Felt)

12) The Warren Commission concluded that: 
A) there was a conspiracy in the death of President Kennedy
B) the Soviets were responsible for planning Kennedy's assassination
C) Lee Harvey Oswald, an American citizen, was the lone assassin responsible for Kennedy's death
D) the Mafia may have had a hand in Kennedy's assassination

13) Although he visited China in 1972, President Nixon skipped the opportunity to pay a similar visit to the other communist giant, the Soviet Union. Answer: True False

14) Why did LBJ decide not to run for president in 1968? 
A) He knew the war was won in Vietnam
B) He could not because of the Twenty-Second Amendment
C) His wife did not want him to
D) His leadership on the war was dividing his party and the nation
E) His Great Society programs had accomplished his goal of ending poverty

15) Who did Eisenhower named as chief justice of the Supreme Court? 
A) Richard Nixon
B) William Rehnquist
C) Fred Vinson
D) Earl Warren

16) Which of the following is true of McCarthyism? 
A) It was an extreme form of anti-communism during the Cold War
B) It lasted exactly as long as the Cold War
C) It had nothing to do with fear and paranoia
D) It never had much effect on the careers of former communsts or suspected communists

18) President Kennedy was in favor of civil rights legislation but was unable to get it passed though a Congress influenced by white southerners. True False

19) Martin Luther King Jr. and his Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) did little to end the Jim Crow system in the south. True False

20) So far, Richard Nixon has been the only president to resign from office.

21) U.S. forces in Vietnam were fighting troops who were indigenous (native) to South Vietnam and also those coming down the Ho Chi Minh Trail from North Vietnam.

22) Which of the following areas of the world did U.S. forces NOT fight in during World War II? 
A) Europe
B) North Africa
C) the islands of the Pacific Ocean
D) South America

25) The CCC helped farmers get better prices for their crops.

26) Which of the following communist nations did Nixon visit in 1972?
A) Hungary
B) Poland
C) North Vietnam
D) Soviet Union

27) A "Hawk" in the 1960s was an American who was against the Vietnam War.

29) The total number of deaths, though just an estimate, from World War II is probably close to:
A) 8 million
B) 450,000
C) 10 million
D) 40 to 60 million

30) Democrat George McGovern removed Thomas Eagleton as his vice-presidential running mate in 1972 because: 
A) he came to dislike Eagleton
B) it was found Eagleton had taken some bribes from large corporations
C) it was discovered that Eagleton had some severe past mental health problems
D) election polls showed the McGovern ticket trailing Nixon by a large margin

31) Chicago police beat demonstrators in 1968 because:
A) the demonstrators smelled bad
B) the demonstrators were a bunch of hippies
C) the demonstrators opposed the war in Vietnam
D) the police were told by LBJ to do so
E) the demonstrators attempted to block the streets in protest outside the Democratic convention arena

32) The orbiting of the first space satellite by the Soviets resulted in all of the following EXCEPT:
A) the creation of the National Space and Aeronautics Agency (NASA)
B) additional funding for science programs
C) an awareness that there was a "missile gap" betweeen the Soviets and the Americans
D) the creation of the CIA

37) The decisive factor against Nixon in Watergate was a "smoking gun" tape indicating he knew more about Watergate much earlier than he claimed. 
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