IT 237 Week 4 Expanding Your Website

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IT 237 Week 4 Expanding Your Website

Resource: Toolwire® Student Desktop,
Toolwire® Lab: Expanding and Optimizing a Web Site

Resource: Appendix

Complete the
Toolwire® Lab: Expanding and Optimizing a Web Site.

Note. The
lab is a learning tool to help you complete the assignment. Complete the lab,
worth 5 points of the assignment, as instructed.

Expand the
basic home page from Week Three to a site that includes four to five web pages.

  • Create three
    to four additional web pages with an appropriate heading for each.

  • Save each
    page to your IT237-Name folder.

  • Name each of
    your pages using the .html extension. Use only letters or numbers in the
    filenames; do not include special characters or spaces.

  • Use tags to
    increase accessibility and search engine optimization.

  • Create a
    navigation system with a link from and to every other page.

  • Include at
    least one external link and one in-page anchor or target link, such as
    Top, in one of the new pages.

Check all
of your HTML code using the HTML Validator located on the W3C website.

Save your
revisions in your IT237-Name folder on your computer, and compress (zip) the
folder (Maximum file size is 10MB).

Submit the
final file to your instructor.

Submit your
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