HRM 310 Week 5 Final Examination

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HRM 310 Week 5 Final Examination

Complete the Final Examination.

Format the
Exam consistent with APA guidelines. At least two references and a references
page are required.

Submit to
plagiarizer checker and attach the Turnitin Report separately.



each question with a
minimum of 300 words. This is the one assignment that the word count must be met
to earn full points for the questions.
Be specific with your
response. Each question is worth 1.6 points with 2 points towards mechanics and
organization. Total of 10 points for final exam. Post your response to the
assignment link as an attachment. There
should be at least 2 references to support your answers. If you use a source in
your answer cite it. The same source can be used in each answer if information
is used from the source.


Consider each of the change models
covered in Ch. 2. Discuss why one change model may be more effective than
another and why.


Why does the organization change? What
could occur if change is not embraced and not allowed to flourish?


Describe the leadership role in
change.  Explain why one style may be
better than the others, in what situations, and why?


We know no organization’s culture is
static. Explain ways culture and changes affect each other. Make sure to
include examples how culture can impact change.


What is the most important lesson you
personally took away from this class?
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