This pack isn't just for esports, but will guide you through ways of how to improve your lighting and final filters on anything design related. I use these tips on every project I've posted on my twitter (Cloud9, FaZe Attach, Octane, OpTic, Fortnite & more). Whether you're just starting to learn designing or not, it's very detailed to where anyone can easily understand it.

The pack contains the following:

- Final effects after CC+more with ex.

- CC w/Noise with ex.

- CC w/Camer raw filter settings

- Player lighting tips, blending with ex. - Light source tips with ex.

- Octane PSD file - ex. https://prnt.sc/inrkg3 - Social media, sponsor icons

- Player headshots to which be used for practice (not apart of selling)

After purchase, tweet me @RawTheMonsteR on what you think Hope you all find it useful, first of many more to come.!
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