Template For Your Productions - PROGRESSIVE METAL (Logic Pro X Version)

"Template For Your Productions" is a new pack series about music production templates.

PROGRESSIVE METAL is the new template with punchy drum and wall of guitars!

The pack includes:

  • Logic Pro X template with 20 mixed and mastered tracks.

  • Ignite Amp Emissary

  • 4x12 Impulse Response from our "IR MESA Pack" FOR FREE!!

Enjoy with our new "Ready To Use" template series. Use it wherever you want for your powerful metal productions!

NOTE: before download, read the VST Instruments and Plugins needed to be able to listen properly the right final sounds.

VST Instruments required:

  • Ezdrummer with combined expansions (Metal Machine, Metal!, Modern kit, Rock!).

Plug-ins required:

  • WAVES: PuigTec EQP1A, CLA-76, CLA 2-A, C6, IRLive, H-Comp, Renaissance Axx, H-Comp, H-Delay, H-Reverb, SSLComp, Aphex Vintage Exciter, Kramer Tape.

  • IK MULTIMEDIA: Amplitube 4

  • FABFILTER: Pro Q2.

  • Izotope: Ozone 7.

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