Database Systems Assignment 1 solution

Your ER diagrams should be generated by MySQLWorkbench. You can export your images as a .png file and then paste them into a document. Turn in a single .pdf document with your answers.
We will use Blackboard to turn in assignments. READ: 3.2, 3.2, 3.3, 3.6 1. (12 points) Look on the web for definitions of the following terms. Put the answers into your own words.
1. primary key
2. foreign key
3. surrogate key
4. entity integrity
5. referential integrity
6. weak entity
2. (10 points) Problem 8 of chapter 3 (p 99 in 10th, p 108 in 11th): create an ER Diagram showing entities and relationships among Employee, Store, and Region of the CH03_StoreCo database.
3. (10 points) Problem 15 of chapter 3 (p 100 in 10th, p 109 in 11th): create ER diagram representing the Employee, Benefit, Job, Plan tables of the CH03_BeneCo database.
4. (10 points) Problem 22 of chapter 3 (p 102 in 10th, p 110 in 11th)create ER diagram representing the Truck, Base, Type tables of the CH03_TransCo database. Here are some sample ER diagrams using Crowsfoot notation.
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