107 Miss Iris & Miss Melanie tease the 1975 El Camino

Miss Iris and Miss Melanie are doing a photo shoot in the woods teasing an amazing 1975 El Camino. Wearing a short dress and high heels, they are ready to put their knowledge regarding cars and revving into practice! It's such a muscle car that the girls want to try to tame its engine... The girls feel so excited to sit in this car and start its engine, and especially hear its vibrations coming through their bodies... So, after the approval of the photographer for a short pause, they jump in the car and start this beast... Such a lovely sound! Both Miss Iris and Miss Melanie give to the camera their best sexy facial expressions, and together they seem more like the angel and the devil fighting in the same car... They start revving this car, and what's better than this amazing sound and those two chicks revving it? What about a close-up view of their feet pressing the pedals? ;-) They push the pedals all the way down with or without heels, and exchanging the driving seat while talking in Italian. Are you brave enough to watch the whole clip?