HRM 324 Week 4 Retirement Plan Proposal and Communication Plan.

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HRM 324 Week 4 Retirement Plan Proposal and Communication Plan
You are the new Benefits Director at a newly formed organization with 150 employees privately owned business that's not publicly traded. Management has asked you to provide them with a proposal that describes two employer-sponsored retirement plans that could be offered.

 Prepare a minimum 500 words paper that addresses the following and incorporates at least two sources:

Provide an overview of two employer-sponsored retirement plans (a plan that provides income such as a 401K, not a retiree health insurance plan).  The overview of the two plans should include the type of the plan, employee eligibility, how the plan works, etc... You are not making up a plan, but choosing from among plan that are actually offered in the real world, such as a 401K.
Pick one of the plans you proposed above to offer to the employees of the organization and explain why you chose it.
How will you communicate the plan you chose to employees so that employees are aware of the plan and excited about it being offered.
Format and cite your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.
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