HCR 210 Week 5 Alphabetic Filing

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HCR 210 Week 5 Alphabetic Filing
It can be helpful to remember that nothing comes before something when sequencing filing units. That means a space precedes letters or numbers. Compare the names: Lou Ann and LouAnn. The space after Lou in Lou Ann precedes the A after Lou in LouAnn. Therefore, in a filing system that follows the nothing comes before something rule, Lou Ann comprises two filing units whereas LouAnn comprises one filing unit. Lou Ann precedes LouAnn in the filing sequence—the space comes before the letter.
Resource: Ch. 7 of Essentials of Health Information Management
Use the nothing comes before something rule as you put the following names in alphabetical order, showing the order of filing units (last name, first name, suffix.).

  • Norman Bailey-Jones

  • Norman Bailey Jones

  • Robert D’Angelo

  • Robert D. Angelo

  • Robert DeAngelo

  • Judith delaCroix

  • Judith Dela Croix

  • Franklin M. Haney

  • Franklin Mac Haney, Jr.

  • Franklin MacHaney, Jr.

  • Franklin Mac Haney Sr.

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