Warehouse Distribution.PPTX

Warehouse Distribution

Develop a PowerPoint presentation that answers the following questions:
Prepare a financial analysis of Warehouse Distribution, Inc.(I will upload the income statements for Warehouse Distribution), comparing the firm’s financial performance between the two years. In addition to the financial information included in the case, the company’s chief financial officer, ***** *****, has estimated the company’s average cost of capital for all its financing to be 10.5%.
Based on your analysis would you recommend doing business with Warehouse Distribution, Inc., based on their financial strength? Support your recommendation because the board will want to know why?
What three questions will you ask the executive leaders of Warehouse Distribution, Inc. to evaluate whether or not they operate the company based on biblical principles?
What answers would give you confidence that they do operate Warehouse Distribution on biblical principles?
The presentation should include: Introduction and conclusion slides with 10-15 body slides.
The ratio analysis should be done in Microsoft Excel. You can either do the work in a separate Excel file and copy and paste your ratio analysis into PowerPoint or insert a spreadsheet into the slides that show your analysis.
The three questions you asked the leaders of Warehouse Distribution, Inc., to determine whether or not they operate the business based on biblical principles and the answer you hoped to receive. The question and answer should be on the same slide so you will have three slides for this portion of the presentation

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