BALD#004 "Brave Student Girl Wants to Shave Her Long Hair Off"

Still wear school uniform, the girl came to our studio. Not only for haircut but she wants a headshave. She came with her friend, her friend is a hairfetish. And he succeeded to persuade the girl to be bald. The girl sat in a chair, then hairstylist began to put cape on the girl. Her long hair tied into a long ponytail first and then cut off with clipper. Before being bald, the girl asks to cut it bob first, so the hairstylist cuts her hair with a clipper into bobcut. After she got bobcut, her invited friend wants to take part in cutting the girl's hair. Clipper without attachment starts running on the right side of the girl's head, making her hair fall to cape and also floor. After the right side is finished, the left side is cutting with a clipper without attachment also to make the girl's head bald. Then last with a razor to make her head becomes smooth bald.

This video produced by Nahru Production

Video length: 50 min
Screen size 720x576 wide, format .mp4
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