Hypothesis Test - Proportions

Hypothesis Test - Proportions

Hypothesis Test - Proportions

Please Study the Lecture Notes and Readings before responding

Topics: One sample proportions test, and the hypothesis test process. Pay attention to tail directions. It is recommended to copy and paste the script from the lecture notes. You may use a web search, textbook, but the lecture notes are most relevant.

Textbook: Readings are listed in the Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes: Proportions Single Sample

An attorney claims that more than 25% of all lawyers in his city advertise. A sample of 200 lawyers in his city showed that 55 had used some form of advertising. 

RQ: Do the lawyers advertise more than 25% in the attorney's city at a 95% confidence level?

A. Choose the Hypothesis
B. Specify the Decision Rule 
C. Calculate the Test Statistic, P-value
D. Make the Decision
E. Give an interpretation of the Decision
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