"Clean" - Overall Preset Pack 2018

This is my primary set of 10 Lightroom presets I use to edit almost every photo I take. These include looks for indoor, outdoor, black and white, cold and warm photos. Thesee looks are the "go to" for my editing style, and I'm proud to share them with you. 

This is the first product I've released. I'd love to hear some feedback about the presets and if they work for you! For this reason, you pay what you want! Anything is great, but the goal here is to put them out for you to use and better your photos.

When I was getting started, seeing how other creators edited their pictures using presets inspired me to get interested in photography and motivated me to create my own. This is my way of passing that interest on in hopes that it helps people create images they're excited about and proud of. 

I hope you enjoy! I'd love to hear your feedback. -- Instagram: @alexkiing
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