CIS 207 Week 4 Individual - System Evaluation Paper

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Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper identifying and describing how specific system used in an organization has transformed how the organization operates.

Discuss how the business requirements drove the system’s initial development.

Describe the type and basic uses of the system, how the system has helped the organization, and any likely future development plans.

Note. This cannot be the same as the system discussed in Week Three. This system must be used in your current place of employment or an organization you are familiar with.

Check Cashing Business System
While it may seem that the idea of a paper check is going by the wayside, some companies know that many consumers have no other option except cash to purchase items at their stores. This has become more important since the “new economy” has taken its toll on so many Americans and their credit cards have been forfeited either voluntarily or due to financial hardships causing their accounts to be closed. To ensure proper debiting of funds to their accounts many companies have integrated check cashing procedures right at the register.
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