Vic Godard - I'll Find Out Over Time / Dead Dreamy

RE: GNU inc Records 00012

Vic Godard

1. I’ll Find Out Over Time
2. Dead Dreamy

January 6th 2017 saw the delayed release of Vic Godard’s ‘I’ll Find Out Over Time’ and ‘Dead Dreamy’ 7” on his own GNU inc Records. Two slices of classic Godard on one very limited edition 7”.

Dead Dreamy could have come from any point in the Punk pioneer’s career wth those perfect pop hooks and a melody you could hum for the rest of the year. This should be troubling the January Top 10 (it won’t, but it should).

Marc Riley (6Music) 'IFOOT' continue’s Vic’s interest in mixing Northern Soul with Post-Punk, delivering another floor filling sing-a-long backed by the current Subway Sect.

Guitar Vocals: Vic Godard
Guitar/Vocal: Mark Braby
Keyboard/Vocals: Kevin Younger
Drums; Ian Holford (on loan from Sexual Objects)

The limited edition vinyl is available from Vic’s website

Vic is also recording a second single ‘Can’t take my sunshine away’, due to be released later this year on GNU Inc Records

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