HRM/324 Week 1 Individual Weekly Summary.DOC

HRM/324 Week 1 Individual Weekly Summary

Each week you are required to post your individual "Weekly Summary" in the "Main" forum under the weekly summary thread for that learning week. The weekly summary is always due on day 7 of each week. The weekly summary must answer the following questions:  

1. What are the most important concepts you have learned during this week?
2. What would you recommend to your management/leadership based on these concepts? 
3. How will these concepts impact you personally and professionally?

4. What is the value-added from these concepts? Or, what difference will these concepts make to your organization?

Instructions:  Please respond each week to all four summary questions, spell check it, and post your weekly summary in the assignments tab for each week.  It should be in paper form, but does not have to be APA compatible and does not require references.  It should only be a paragraph or two in length.

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