Acct312 Intermediate Accounting: E20-24 For each of the following inventory errors

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Acct312 Intermediate Accounting
Week 5 Homework

E20-24 Inventory errors
For each of the following inventory errors occurring in 2013, determine the effect of the error on 2013’s cost of goods sold, net income, and retained earnings. Assume that the error is not discovered until 2014 and that a periodic inventory system is used. Ignore income taxes.
Inventory errors
1. overstatement of ending inventory
2. Overstatement of purchases
3. Understatement of beginning inventory
4. Freight-in charges are understated
5. Understatement of ending inventory
6. Understatement of purchases
7. Overstatement of beginning inventory
8. Understatement of purchases plus understatement of ending inventory by the same amount
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