Astro Caster Paper Radionics System

A while ago I had need of a way to charge and cast a sigil made using a planetary kamea.

After playing around with some ideas, I eventually got a dash of inspiration and developed a Paper Rad System that’s capable of doing the job.

They can be used digitally or printed, and is not limited to only planetary sigils. Any sigil or trend will work if used with the proper planetary caster.

In total there are 7 devices for the following planets: Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, the Moon, the Sun and Venus.

In addition to the Astro Casters. I have included 7 sigils made specifically for this system, the 9 seed mantra sigils (also available as a seperate product), 12 additional sigils for various purposes and a modified version of my Rad Caster (the version that I myself use).

Note: The Extras is only available to those who have my entire Astro Caster Set, No exceptions.

What does it do? / How does it work?

It’s a Radionics circuit which transfers energy from a power source (in this instance the power comes from a specific planet).
From the power supply it moves through a geometric shape and another small box, these are point to amplify and structure the source energy.
Next it moves to the sigil/trend and charges it with the energy from the planet (the trend/sigil should already hold an intent), well I say charges but a more accurate way of putting it is that the trend imprints onto the raw energy to give it purpose but the charging still happens.
Finally the energy moves to the target to bring about the desired intent.

The system has active protection against unauthorized use.
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