12 Solos In TAB for Plectrum Banjo

Arrangements of works by Alfred Cammeyer for the Plectrum Banjo, by Rob MacKillop.

Here we have some of the most sublime solo banjo music ever composed.

1. Albumblatt
2. An April Blossom
3. Ballad No. 1
4. The Banjo Polka
5. The Bantam’s Patrol
6. Blue Eyes (Banjo 1)
7. Blue Eyes (Banjo 2)
8. Caprice Accidental
9. The Dancers Dream
10. Debutantes (Valse)
11. Dinkey
12. A Fireside Idyll
13. Valentine

Recordings of some of the pieces can be found at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robmackillop2
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