How to Color Grade like AH

This pack includes 9 Luts

(Compatible with - Adobe Premiere - After Effects & Final Cut Pro)

Final Cut Pro HELP!!!!

Pixel Frame Studios has a free plugin named FCPX Loader that allows you to import custom LUTs.

Here are some quick tips to get you started with your new Luts.

Every video is different so think that you have to pick the perfect Lut for your video

Add to your shots if your camera can´t shoot into FLAT. profile

- Works really well in tropical places

4x4 - Works really well always

UNDERWATER - Create also other world on underwater shots

FESTIVAL - Perfect Lut for night events, like festivals or other kind of situations

GREEN - Create emphasis on mountain scenes 

SUNSET - Awesome sunset vibes and sunrises too

BROWN - Autumn vibes

BLACK&WHITE - Pretty obvious
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