Center Point Balance MP3

Center Point Balance MP3

DrVirtual7 Subliminals
14 Minute audio mp3 download
True peace is attainable when you learn to calm your thoughts in the midst of adversity turbulent times

Peace harmony balance & love is the great shelter of life

Those opposing the idea of peace to violence or war usually see peace as an absence of such behavior. But a different view, especially in the East, sees peace as harmony, tranquility, concord. Peace is then conceptually opposed to nonviolent, antagonistic conflict, such as that manifesting threats and accusations, hostile quarrels, angry boycotts, and riotous demonstrations.

History shows that all the thoughts that are against peace and harmony are against the will of the people and shall perish by themselves.

Subliminal Perfect Center Point Balance
Is useful during pole shifting events chaotic dark sky dark star eclipse energies restores balance peace & harmony when the world seems upside down, always remember to go easy on yourself, because you deserve all the benefits of balance

InAudible spoken affirmations in alpha 8hz & 432hz
I have no fear
I am free of anxiety
I am free of stress
I am free of doubts
I am free of depression
I am free of pain
I am free of parasites
I am free of alternate identities
Calmness of body
Calmness of emotions
Calmness of mind
Calmness of soul spirit
Free flowing energy
Increase in vitality
Peace and harmony in mind body and spirit
All is in sync
No fear of person place or thing
I strongly agree with these affirmations
I balance my emotions
I balance all chakras
I balance all meridians
I balance my body
I balance my energy
Center point balance
I remain at perfect center point balance
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