Software Methods & Tools Assignment #3 SQL Solved.ZIP

Software Methods & Tools Assignment #3 SQL Solved

• Write SQL statements.
Download the file for this HW and submit a .sql file answering the following questions.
First setup the database. Go to the directory where you downloaded the file (where HW3-populate.sql is). Log in to mysql (hint: you may need to start up mysqld).
show databases;
create database HW3;
show databases;
use HW3;
show tables;
source HW3-populate.sql
show tables;
Create a text file named Firstname_Lastname_HW3.sql with your SQL statement answers for the following as a working .sql file (can do: source Firstname_Lastname_HW3.sql):
1. List all state names and their 2-letter codes.
2. Write a query to report the information for all counties whose names start with
"Prince". (Hint: Use "like").
Output columns: name, statecode, populate_1950, population_2010
Order by state code.
3. Write a single query to list only the population in year 2010 for the state
represented by Sen. Richard Lugar.
Output column: populate_2010
4. Write a single query to report only the total number of the counties in 'Maryland'.
The query should not hard-code the state code for Maryland (join the two tables in
the WHERE clause)
5. Write a single query to find the name of the state that was admitted last into the
Hint: Use nested subquery.
6. Find all democratic (i.e., with affiliation = 'D') senators that are not chairman of any
committee or sub-committee.
Output columns: name
Order by name.
1. Submit a .sql file named Firstname_Lastname_HW3.sql
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