VCT 241 Week 1 Individual: Company Flyer

VCT 241 Week 1 Individual: Company Flyer

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 VCT 241 Week 1 Individual: Company Flyer

Throughout the course, you will develop a company flyer using the skills you learn in each week.

Select a company with which you are familiar, this can be a company you have worked with in the past or present, or another company.

Prepare a 1- to 2-page proposal for your flyer, and submit to your instructor for approval.

Be sure to include the following:




Your company selection and reasons why you selected this company


Your plans for the flyer, the type of graphics and text you will include, and some possible layout ideas


Research sample corporate/company flyers or brochures online to get an idea of what they might look like. Provide at least 2 samples you believe are representative of what a good company flyer might look like.


Cite your sources where necessary.

Submit the Microsoft® Word document using the Assignment Files tab.
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