ADJ215 - Week 7 Checkpoint

Week 7 CheckPoint

There are many different ways that you can prevent property crimes from happening to you. Three such ways are to keep all of your possessions (home, care, other valuables) locked whenever they are not in use, have some sort of security or alarm system, or have a neighborhood watch program for the area that you live in.

I personally don’t own one, but I see the biggest of the three prevention methods that I have listed being that of having some sort of security or alarm system in the house. I know someone who makes a decent amount of money on the side from installing security systems when he is not doing his duties of being a college professor. He’s even went so far as to have cameras set up in and around his home and can access the camera feeds from anywhere in the world by having an application on his iPhone that allows him to target specific cameras. I would love to have the money to do something like that so I can feel at ease a little more knowing all I have to do is click on an app on my phone so I can see what is going on at my house.
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