The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

This book describes the power of the ‘worlds healthiest diet’ and includes a section on the science behind this, and introduces the Mediterranean Diet pyramid – to base your meals on. The book is full of very tasty sounding meals, and on the whole they seem simple to execute. My favourite so far is the Calabrian Chicken Stew.

The recipes featured in The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook are organized in the same format as the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. The plant-based foods chapter contains the most recipes. The Meats and Sweets section has the least number of recipes because it’s in the tiny triangle of the top of the pyramid.

The Healthiest Diet in the World: Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
Plant-Based Foods: The Foundation of the Mediterranean Diet 

The recipes are based on the Mediterranean Diet’s pyramid so thewre are few meat recipes.
Fish and Seafood:  Savoring the Bounty of the Mediterranean Sea
Dairy and Poultry: Farm-Fresh Flavors
Meat and Sweets: Mediterranean Indulgences
Mediterranean Cooking Basics
The Mediterranean Pantry
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