Forex 50 Pips Manual Forex MT4 Trading System

Forex 50 Pips Manual Forex MT4 Trading System

The Microshifting Technology that sends consistently profitable signals regardless of the presence or absence of a trend. 
Possibility to work during European and American trading hours (13-14 hours a day).2-3 signals a day. 
*Daily up to 50 pips of profit. 
*Can be used in conjunction with other indicators. The indicator sends profitable signals, but doesnt place the orders on its own, leaving a freedom of making a decision up to a trader. 
*The entire complex system is packed inside just one (1) indicator. 
*The simplicity of installation that even a novice can complete in no time. 
*The entire set of easy-to-comprehend signals (Alerts, Arrows, Sounds, emails). 
*Detailed trade recommendations. 

How Forex50pips Indicator Works:

Forex50pips sends the most precise signals to a trader Alarms, Arrows, Alerts, Emails. 

What you will receive:

– forex50pips.ex4

– forex50pips_users_guide.pdf (User Guide)
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