BUS 230 Week 1 Discussion 1, 2 and Quiz

BUS 230 Week 1 Discussion 1, 2 and Quiz

Course outcome in focus:

·         Explain the functions, roles, and terminology of purchasing and supply management.




·         Read Chapter1:  Purchasing and Supply Management


Supporting Topics:

Lecture Topics:

Purchasing and supply management
The size of the organization’s spend and financial significance
Supply contribution
The nature of the organization
Supply qualifications and associations
Challenges ahead

Lectures and Discussions:

Faculty introduction, course overview and expectations

Review course philosophy, expectations, assignments, late policy, grading, academic integrity, APA use if appropriate, and attendance policy.

Introduction Discussion. Students will respond to the following:
Note: Online students must also respond to the Week 1 discussion to receive attendance for class this week.


o   In a short post, introduce yourself to your peers. Tell us a little about what makes you- you! Include information about where you live, your hobbies / interests, your current position or the one that you hope to obtain, your major, what you hope to get out of this class, and any other information you want to share with your peers in order to get to know you better. Lastly, be sure to respond to the introductions of at least two (2) of your peers.


Lecture on text of supporting topic, text of supportingtopic, text of supporting topic, and text of supporting topic.

Discussion 1:Roles and Terminology.  Students will respond to the following:

o   Describe three (3) kinds of information and data that can help an inexperienced newly hired associate of a purchasing and supply management function. This can pertain to organizational resources or external resource. Speak from your experience or give your opinion.  

o   Explain how this information and/or data can benefit and advance the first time, new associate.

o   Describe what you would do at the first day of your job in a purchasing and supply management function.


Discussion 2: Purchasing and Supply Management. Students will respond to the following:

o   Explain and give examples of three (3) factors that influence purchasing and supply decisions of a for-profit organization and a not-for-profit organization. For example, a private versus a public hospital or a private versus a public school.


Determine whose role in any organization it is to keep purchasing and supply costs under control. Is this often part of the job description? State why or why not.
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