Watree Lodge Assignment

Watree Lodge Assignment

Read the Watree Lodge Concept Check on pp. 109-110 of the text. Address the following questions related to the Watree Lodge scenario:

From the information provided in the chart (except as noted below), prepare a 90 day cash forecast by determining the cash surplus or deficit for the months of July, August, and September.

Assume a beginning cash balance of $5,000 in July and a $25,000 minimum cash balance requirement instead of what is shown in the text.

Assume a collection rate on the accounts receivable of 75% in the next month and 25% in two months instead of what is shown in the text.

Please submit your response to this question as a separate Excel spreadsheet.

You must show your calculations in this spreadsheet to get credit for this assignment. Just submitting the cash flows are not acceptable. Do not imbed it in your Word document.

 Describe several ways in which Watree Lodge can better manage its working capital. Provide specific suggestions for Watree Lodge management

 Greenville Restaurant Assignment

Read the Greenville Restaurant Concept Checks on pp. 110-111 of the text. Write a 200 to 400 word comprehensive response addressing the following questions related to the Granville Restaurant scenario:

Evaluate Greenville Restaurant's banking situation. What recommendations as far as banking services would you give to the restaurant to better manage their two account situation? Your recommendations must address the two account situation, use the text as your reference.

As the Greenlees expand and open new restaurants what banking services are available to them?  Why are these services especially beneficial to expanding companies?  Address services specific to expansions, use the text as your reference.

3 How can the Greenlees better manage their credit card payments? How can they better manage fees as the business grows?
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