202 : Miss Black Mamba shoeplay and cranking at lunch time

Miss Black Mamba, dresses with a white shirt, short skirt and black heels, is enjoying her relaxing moment at a Mc Donald's near Turin.

She is playing with her feet, dangling them, just to relax herself more, when she receives a call. It's her colleague inviting her to go back to work because the break has ended! So she puts back her shoes on, toss the cigarette and then go back to the car to go to work.

She gets in her red old Beetle, it's a really hot day, and she can't wait to have the wind passing though the driver's window....

But the car doesn't start up!

She tries again and again, pumping slowly and hardly, but the old beetle doesn't want her to go back to work!

So while waiting the car to do some "magic" and fix itself, she continues dangling her feet, trying to go back to relax mode!

She tries with or without the heels, maybe with her stockings she can feel the exact moment when to pump the pedal! But nothing happens...

What is going on?

She needs to go back to work soon! She continues her battle against the car, and when she feels desperate, the car gives her some signs of life, just to keep her hope high!

Will she get to work?
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