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Experience the live demo by sending a request to [email protected], your email subject must be "PHP Shopping Cart SYSTEM".

Features that you will get and learn:

Create user
Read users
Update user
Delete user
Search user
Users list pagination
Valid email format required
Password must be uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number and special character
Confirm password field
Password validation as you type
View customer order history
Deleting first administrator account is not allowed
User types: Admin and Customer
Interface for admin
Interface for customer
Login page
Log out
Sign up page
Sign up email notification with validation link
Edit profile of currently logged in user
Show name with icon of currently logged in user
Forgot password – system can send unique reset password link via email
Forgot password – user can click the unique verification link and reset his password

Create product
Read products
Update product
Delete product
Search product
Product lists with pagination
View inactive products
View products under a category
Product list under a category with pagination
Upload product images, you can select many images at once
View product images with thumbnails
Delete product image with X icon
Upload product PDFs , you can select many PDF files at once
List product PDF
Delete product PDF
View single product with related information
View single product with add to cart button
View single product with image slider
View single product with SEO friendly URL (.htaccess file used)
Rich text editor for product description when adding or editing product
Quantity value must be more than 1
Sorting by fields

Create variation
Read categories
Update category
Delete category
Fields include variation name, price and stock

Create category
Read categories
Update category
Delete category
Search category
Category list with pagination
Category search result with pagination
View products under a product category
Auto update category drop down in create or update product form
Auto update categories in navigation bar
Highlight selected category in navigation

Create page
Read pages
Update page
Delete page
Search page
Page list with pagination
Page search result with pagination

Contact form
Send message
Display other ways to contact admin
Display list of Messages
Read message
Delete page
Search messages
Messages list with pagination
Messages search result with pagination

Make an order
Auto-generated unique transaction ID
Add to cart button (for each item) with specified quantity
Cart page with list of products added to cart
Update quantity button for each item in cart page
Auto-compute subtotal in cart page
Auto-compute grand total in cart page
Remove from cart button for each item in the cart
Empty cart button to remove all items in the cart
View order history of a customer
View pending and completed order in separate tabs
Checkout page
Show billing information on check-out page
Edit billing information button on checkout page
Show payment information on checkout page
Payment via cash on delivery
Place order page – Thank you message
View list of orders
Pagination on list of orders
Latest order seen at the top of the list
View details of an order
Auto-compute order totals
Change status of an order (pending or completed)

Register user hashed password stored in the database
Edit user profile hashed password update in the database
Create user hashed password stored in the database
Login user with hashed password validation
Used PDO bindParam() to prevent SQL injection in all MySQL queries
Used PHP htmlspecialchars() to prevent XSS attacks

Object oriented programming source code
Bootstrap user interface
PDO extension used
Page title navigation with links
Radio button looks like a switch
Icon in all create, edit and delete buttons
All source code files organized by folders
Database configuration file in config folder
SQL file and READ-ME.txt in “sql” folder
Database design and data dictionary in “sql” folder
Well explained / commented source code
Free source code updates / new features update
Free support for 6 months
Buy once, use for unlimited number of sites
One-time payment, no recurring payment

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