UFE Addons Bundle

Contains Fuzzy AI and Network Support for UFE

Requires Universal Fighting Engine (any version):

UFE Demo: ufe3d.com/demo

P2P Networking:This is the first iteration of a network system for UFE. It uses Frame Delay (or input delay) and synchronized random seed to connect 2 UFE clients into a match. This is a Peer-2-Peer connection (IP hosting). Bluetooth supported.

Documentation: http://www.ufe3d.com/doku.php/global:network

Fuzzy AI:
Fuzzy A.I. Rule Generator (or simply Fuzzy AI) is an open source addon for UFE designed to create a robust artificial intelligence for virtually any fighting game created with the tool.

This add-on uses Fuzzy Logic to interpret the information on scene and calculate the desirability of each given action, translating the AI decisions directly into user input. In other words: the AI doesn't cheat, it uses the same input system used by the player.

The Fuzzy AI tools uses fighting game terminology to generate custom rules designed specifically to read and respond to fighting game environments, as well as correctly execute any special move created with UFE.

Along the tool, this package also contain 14 instruction set templates ready to be applied to any character you have already designed.

Documentation: http://www.ufe3d.com/doku.php/ai:start

Supported Packages:
- UFE Basic: https://sellfy.com/p/zMvY/
- UFE Pro: https://sellfy.com/p/IVlX/
- UFE Source: https://sellfy.com/p/AF7d/
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