Jungheinrich Fork Truck DFG316S, TFG316S, DFG320S, TFG320S (07.2008-08.2009) Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Jungheinrich Fork Truck Type DFG/TFG 316S-320S. 
Original factory manuals for Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text
Covered models:
    DFG 316S (07.2008-08.2009)
    DFG 320S (07.2008-08.2009)
    TFG 316S (07.2008-08.2009)
    TFG 320S (07.2008-08.2009)
Language: English
Format: ZIP, Contained set of PDF Manuals
Service Manual,  PDF, 753 Pages
    Technical Description of Components
    General Truck Data. Operational Tests / Test and Setting Values
    Truck Maintenance
    Drive System V. Combustion Engines
    Drive System V.  Power Shift Transmission / Hydrostatic Drive
    Brake System
    Hydraulic System and Diagrams
    Electric System and Wiring Diagrams
    Diesel Particle Filter (HUSS)
Operating Manual,  PDF, 113 Pages
    A Correct Use and Application
    B Truck Description
        1 Application 
        2 Assemblies and Functional Description  
        2.1 Truck  
        2.2  Load handler  
        3 Standard Version Specifications  
        3.1 DFG/TFG 316s/320s Specifications 
        4 Identification points and data plates 
        4.1 Truck data plate  
        4.2  Truck load chart  
        4.3  Attachment load chart  
    C Transport and Commissioning
        1 Transport 
        2 Lifting by crane 
        3 Securing the truck during transport  
        4 Using the truck for the first time  
        5 Operating the truck withoutits own drive system 
    D Fuelling the Truck
        1 Safety regulations for handling diesel fuel and LPG  
        2 Filling with diesel  
        3 Replace the LPG bottle  
    E Operation
        1 Safety Regulations for the Operation of Forklift Trucks  
        2 Controls and Displays  
        3 Operating the lift and tilt mechanisms (o)  
        4 Twin Pedal Operation (o) 
        5 Tests and tasks to be performed before starting the truck 
        6 Starting up the truck  
        6.1  Adjusting the driver’s seat 
        6.2  Adjusting the steering column  
        6.3  Seat belt  
        7. Starting the truck  
        7.1  Starting procedure for the TFG  
        7.2  Starting procedure for the DFG 
        7.3 Operating Error Displays 
        7.4 Switching off the engine  
        8 Industrial Truck Operation 
        8.1 Safety regulations for truck operation  
        9 Travel  
        9.1 Steering 
        9.2 Brakes  
        10 Mast and Attachment Operation  
        10.1 Controlling the speed of the lifting device  
        10.2 Lifting, transporting and depositing load units 
        11 Transporting loads  
        12 Hazardous situations 
        12.1 Parking the truck safely 
        13 Engine bonnet and service covers 
        13.1 Service covers 
        13.2 Towing the truck 
        13.3 Towing trailers 
        14 Troubleshooting  
    F Truck Maintenance
        1 Operational Safety and Environmental Protection  
        2 Maintenance Safety Regulations 
        3 Servicing and Inspection  
        4 DFG/TFG maintenance checklist  
        5 DFG maintenance checklist  
        6 TFG maintenance checklist 
        7 Coolant specification  
        8 Consumables  
        9 DFG fuel specifications  
        10 Lubrication chart 
        10.1  Lubrication chart - DFG/TFG 
        11 Maintenance and repairs 
        11.1  Preparing the truck for maintenance and repairs  
        11.2  Starting aid  
        11.3  Servicing the engine - TFG 316s/320s 
        11.4  Engine servicing - DFG 316s/320s  
        11.5 Checking the coolant concentration  
        11.6  Filling the cooling circuit 
        11.7 Cleaning/replacing the air filter cartridge 
        11.8 Checking the wheel attachment and air pressure 
        11.9 Hydraulic system 
        11.10 Electrical system  
        11.11 Relay layout  
        12 Exhaust system 
        13 Restoring the truck to service after cleaning or repairs 
        14 Decommissioning the industrial truck 
        14.1  Prior to decommissioning 
        14.2 During decommissioning: 
        14.3  Returning the truck to operation after decommissioning 
        15 Periodic safety checks and after unusual events  
        16 Final de-commissioning,disposal  
        17 HUSS FS - MK Series Diesel Particle Filter Operating Instructions 
        17.1  Important General Instructions 
        17.2  Important safety instructions  
        17.3  Functional description  
        17.4 HUSS Control Operation 
        17.5 HUSS Control Operating Instructions  
        17.6  Regeneration 
        17.7 Maintenance .
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