Martin Garrix - Animals (Full Remake)


Martin Garrix - Animals


This Project requires FL Studio 11.1.1 or higher in order to load!

The project contains ONLY presets/samples that were used in the actual original track, that multiple people including me have found after hours and hours of looking through Martin'sĀ tracks.

3rd-party VST plugins required:
- Sylenth1
- CamelCrusher
- Kickstart
- GClip (Free)
- Sausage Fattener
- CMT Bitcrusher
- LFOTool
- Fabfilter Pro-C 2
- Fabfilter Pro-Q 2
- Fabfilter Pro-L

As always, if you believe anything is missing from this package, feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to upload it and send it to you.
I'll also be happy to assist you with the installation of any of those VSTs above in case you're having trouble buying or installing them.
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