Beat Juice is the best 1 - 2 Punch for your beats period!

It's not rocket science in order to sell beats on the internet these days you need two things, radio friendly sounding beats and a ton of promotion!.. And Beat Juice more then delivers on both of these two crucial areas. Are high quaulity vocals & Industry standard drum samples (see Bonus #1 below) will have you inspired and your beats bang'n in no time. These state of the art samples are a result of years of production being extensively produced on the highest possible level (by Yo Minus Productions for All infectious hooks, freestyles, one shot vocals are all recorded at 16 bit 44.1 kHz (CD Quality) Wav format. Beat Juice samples span a wide range of genres including: hip-hop, edm, pop, electro, gangsta, new-school & more! This library is an excellent source of inspiration for songwriters/beatmakers as well as an ideal solution for dubbing and advertisement. All these samples can be used in your songs/albums/mix-tapes and other productions royalty free meaning unlimited sales and profit! Beat Juice is also instantly downloadable and is back by our 30 day money back guarantee! So don't wait any longer inject your beats with a little Beat Juice from and drive more potential buyers to your brand. When you purchase Beat Juice you will get: 1. 12 Catchy & Original hooks 2. 20 Powerful & Poetic Freestyles (16 teens) 3. 60+ One Shot Vocal Samples (fades, stabs, fx) Bonus #1: Radio Friendly Drums (Value $65.00) 300 + Industry Standard Drum samples. These are the cream of the crop of drum samples found in many of today's chart topping hit's (Divided into separate folders for ease of use Ex: Trap, Hiphop, Electro, Rnb, Pop, 808..etc) Bonus #2: Unlimited Beat Promotion (Value Priceless) *** When you use any Beat Juice Vocal Sample in your beat! - Priority Upload (Usually Within Hours!) - Unlimited beat uploads! - Youtube Feature Video Spot - Youtube Feature Producer Box (Top Spot!) - Youtube Beat Juice Playlist (Top of the list!) - Youtube Video Description Producer Links Only (see here) - Ongoing Twitter & Facebook Promotion
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