HCS 219 Week 3 Second E-mail to Lauren

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HCS 219 Week 3 Second E-mail to Lauren
From Lauren:

Hello again! Thanks for all of the great information you've provided so far. It's been really helpful. I've been doing some more research myself and need some help processing some information.

Here's what I need help with:

Can you explain the different types of budgets that would be used in health care facilities?
Can you give me a list of 8-10 basic cash management tools, and include a brief description of how each is used?
Regarding the Statement of Cash Flows
Can you explain the importance of good cash flow in a business and how it aids in the overall success of an entity?
What are the major sections of the Statements of Cash Flows and what elements or basic activities are included in each section?
If a negative cash flow exists for a given time period, is this is always bad for the business?
Thanks again for all of your help,


Write a 700- to 1,050-word e-mail response to Lauren. Include any graphics, tables, or diagrams you think will help your response.

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