B!TCH for Bass Music

B!TCH for Bass Music

The B*tch pack


Serum Presents (64):
- 44 Basses
- 10 Lazers
- 10 Leads

Samples (10):

- 10 One-shots

Who’s the pack made for:

The pack is an essential for any up and coming producer who really want’s to set their mark on the bass music scene. The metallic, screechy, synth style that is dominating the scene right now really has been a game changer, but it’s time to polish it a little. If you’re ready to think new and to progress and elevate your productions to above industry levels this pack will be the key to that door.

If you’re sick of being guided by the industry standard showing you how you’re supposed to do your own craft, we will help you reverse the roles. Become the pioneer of your own unique sound.

What is required to be able to utilize this packs full potential:

Besides Xfer Serum the only other tool is your own imagination!

Unleash the power of your creativity on the scene with your new and refined tools.

What genre’s do this pack work for?

This pack was designed for bass music and it can be used for any genre that falls under that category. This it’s meant for bass music it’s not limited by it. Producers have used these presets in movie scores and melodic genres. And the neuro one-shot samples you get with the pack are perfect for giving movement and dynamics to your tracks!

Why should I get this pack?

If you’re serious about becoming the best at what you do this pack will be a heap of serious steps forward. This pack represents the future.
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