Leela Dining Table

♥Comes in Chkn

♥Try Here:  http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=34652953

♥You MAY recolor and change these files

♥Please Don`t Set these files to derivable. Unless it’s a Mesh file.

♥Resell Rights @VickyFab


** Here I Will be Selling Some Resell Rights Meshes or Files.

** Please Don't ''REDISTRIBUTE" or  "Giveaway."

** No refunds once you receive files - Please read carefully.

** Don't claim my Files/Resell as your own - you don't have permission by the original Owner.

** The files are sent on PNG, PSD  or XSF, XMF format if it’s a Mesh.

** Please use only on one account. If you have another Account, it will cost you, Pay 50% price on the file or Mesh you bought from me.
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