Rebecca Self-Bob Haircut with Girlfriends' Help - VOD Video on Demand

This is an at-home haircut. Once Rebecca is draped with with a silver vinyl cape and a towel wrapped around her shoulders, she begins cutting her dry hair with a haircutting salon scissors. After she cuts several inches all the way around, Allie Kat takes the scissors and tries to even out Rebecca's brunette hair. Allie Kat smokes while cutting Rebecca's hair. At times you'll see Amy in the background drying and brushing her hair, and Amy and Allie Kat watching Rebecca cut her hair. When Rebecca thinks that she is done with her hair, she takes off the cape, but her friends comment that her hair is uneven yet. Amy steps in to fix Rebecca's hair, while Rebecca smokes a cigarette. Amy dusts Rebecca off with a towel. Rebecca has beautiful eyes and smiles often into the camera. She runs her hands through her hair several times. Her chin-length bob really suits her well. Duration 25 minutes, screen size 720x480, format .wmv
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