Saturday AM #42 (includes Saturday PLUS #16)

Our SECOND ISSUE of Saturday AM of 2016 is here!!!And what an issue it is!!1st, of all -- we know you are GEEKGASMING right now...Batman V Superman; CIVIL WAR -- is there a better time to be a GEEK?Nope but it gets better because our FIRST OFFICIAL CROSSOVER is coming with Bully Eater's Isao Akia vs. Anthony "Ant" Perez and the members of his Monster Society of America. This story is going to be HUGE and you can get the first details and initial art (from new artist Nicholas Goodwin) inside!Add to that - the first BRAND-NEW BULLY EATER is nearly 9 months and you can get UBER-EXCITED especially now that this kicks off a new arc by creator Raymond Brown and co-writer, Wille S. Colon.Likewise, given the would be criminal to NOT have Monster Society of America and so, we have MONSTER SOCIETY OF AMERICA featuring art by the rapidly popular Christopher Krady!Get information on the Winner of our Editor's Challenge series for Writers' Only as well as an interview with artist extraordinaire, Palle Schmidt by Steven Alcaide.Last but not least, who are the NEXT TOP TALENT for Saturday AM??Saturday PLUS #16 features all ORIGINAL COMICS by our EXCLUSIVE group of new amateur creators -- including HOLLOW MAN by Nathan Ownhonda; BLIND EXPANSION (the conclusion) by Bert Arceo and Wille S. Colon and finally, BETTER OFF IGNORANT by Luqman Otutuloro!PREMIUM SUBSCRIBERS -- DO NOT FORGET -- we have a LIVE, PRIVATE CHAT with you on February 11th, 7pm EST.
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