AED201 Interview with teacher

Some examples of typical, quick decisions that teachers make on a daily basis would be with disciplining unruly students, no matter what age and what grade they are in there are always students that can get out of control. Another quick decision that teachers make is when a student gets hurt. During the interview the five most difficult school-related decisions that the teacher made that week was: 1. How to discipline a student that has regularly disrupted class, 2. the everyday decision of the curriculum, 3. While out on the playground a child fell off a swing and got scraped up, 4. There were two children fighting over the same book during quiet reading time, and 5. Getting the children to pick up for dismissal time. What made these difficult was making sure to handle them properly and calmly and also making sure to handle the situation as quickly and quietly as possible without interrupting the whole classroom. The affect that these decisions made in the classroom environment, was the class seemed to continue to go smoothly and didn’t
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