Topic 1 Code of Ethics

If you were writing a code of ethics, what would be the most important practices to include in your company's acceptable use policy, Internet use policy, or acceptable conduct policy? 

Topic 2: Meta-Data, Big Data modified

The scale and scope of the analysis of “big data” creates new concerns about ethics.

What is Meta-Data, and how is this different or similar to traditional concepts of data? Read the “Big Data” article by Mayer-Schonberger/Cukier and discuss the positive and negative aspects, and the possible ethical implications of mining big data by the government and by private industry. Give your own examples.

Topic 3: STUXNET and the new Cyber Weapons

Actions for Topic 5: STUXNET and the new Cyber Weapons

Cyber activities can be transnational, and the changing environment is blurring the traditional distinctions between crime, espionage, terrorism and warfare.

What are cyber weapons? Can they be used for crime, espionage, terrorism and warfare?

Explain possible consequences for Internet cybersecurity once we enter a Global Cyber Arms Race.

How likely is it that the United States will be attacked by a threat actor employing a modified version of the STUXNET cyber weapon some day?


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