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A Technology Budget

Tally is a start-up website development company located in Seattle, Washington. The company currently has 7 employees and is looking to hire 6 new employees in the next month. You are in charge of purchasing for Tally. Your first task is to purchase computers for the new employees. You want to look into 3 different manufacturers: Dell, HP, and Apple. You budget is $550,000 to purchase the following:

  1. New computers for all employees – for old and new, 2 monitors each.

  2. 2 high end servers 

  3. 5 color printer/scanner combination

  4. Desks for all the new employees (not manufacturer specific, just make sure the desk will hold the computers and monitors.

  5. 5. Software: (Not necessarily manufacturer specific, just make sure it is compatible for the brand of computers etc you are purchasing).

  • Operating system for the computers

  • Visual studio professional

  • Virus software

  • MS office

  • SQL Server Database

Keep in mind this is for a business and not for home usage. Look into business grade machines and furniture.


1) Conduct research for all components listed above. Include references of the sites where you found your information. Do this for all 3 manufacturers. If a manufacturer does not make a certain item, include a message and use the best from a different manufacturer.

2) Open Chapter2TechnologyBudget.xlsx.

3) Save the spreadsheet as Chapter2TechnologyBudget_Last Name.xlsx. (Replace “Last Name” with your last name.)

4) Complete the table with your research. Be sure to include the references for the places you found the items.

5) Use the SUM() function to calculate the totals for each manufacturer.

6) Create a new worksheet tab. Name it Analysis.

7) Make 3 bar charts for each manufacturer to compare the following:

  1. a. Chart 1: Computers total costs for all 3 manufacturers 

  2. b. Chart 2: Software total cost for all 3 manufacturers

  3. c. Chart 3: Printer/Scanners total cost for all 3 manufacturers

8) Make sure to correctly and legibly label your charts. If can’t tell what the charts are supposed to be and/or contain, you will get no points for them period. This includes chart titles, series labels, and axis labels. Keep in mind the chart labeling thing will apply to all charts in this course. I cannot read your mind. If you put "chart title" for all your tables, I do not know what that means. Also your series labels should not be overlong. 2-3 words max.

9) Create a new worksheet tab. Name it Report.

  • a. Insert a text box.

  • b. Write a report on which manufacturer you would decide to purchase from and why. 

  • c. Refer to the tables and the charts you made. 

  • d. Make sure your report is 50 words or more. 

10) Save your file and submit it to your instructor.
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