Social Network Plugin for UE4

Social Network Plugin for UE4 lets you integrate social media into your Unreal Engine project. Works with UE4 version 4.12 - 4.12.
NOTE: This project is no longer in development and support stopped at 4.12. However, you can still use this version and update it to the latest engine version. Or use it for a great example on how to write your own plugin.

This version(1.2) includes the ability to integrate Facebook with your UE4 project. Additional releases will soon follow and include:
2.x: Twitter Integration
3.x Google+ Integration
4.x Pintrest
5.x Instagram

Currently compatible with PC(Mac not fully tested and iOS not supported yet)
NOTE: Android has an issue with the choromium engine that we are currently fixing, so it's not "Android ready".


Full source code included.
Fully Blueprint supported.
Sample HUD Blueprint with all FB functionality.
Supports UE4 Windows/Mac platforms.
Does not use the UE4 onlineSubSystem.
--Revoke Login
--Ask for additional user permissions
--Get user details
-- Get user image (avatar)
--Get user image by size
--Post to wall
--Add Comment
--Add Photo
--Add Video
--Add User
--Add Friend List
--Get Friends List
--Add Note
--Add Album
--Remove Object (user, comment, post, etc...)
--Delete comment
--Get Permissions
--Remove Permission
--Custom URL Request
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