Manifest Anything by Listening to This Every Morning

Welcome to dauchsy’s Manifest Series. This audio is meant to be used in the morning right when you wake up. Both right before sleep and right when you wake up are the two most important times to influence your mind. It’s impossible to control our thoughts every moment of the day. Most of the decisions we make are when we are in autopilot. The goal then, is to set this autopilot towards the direction of your desires, the direction, of what you want to manifest. The intentions you set in the morning right when you wake up will direct the decisions you make throughout the rest of the day. If you consciously set your intentions on what you want to manifest, you will be more aware of opportunities and attract what you want effortlessly. Your subconscious mind will point you in the right direction without even having to try. If you create a routine of listening to this every morning, there is nothing that can stop you from manifesting what you desire. It is our daily routines that truly create our reality and the future ahead of us.. Developing a routine may be difficult, but once it’s there it becomes effortless. That is why they are so hard to break, and that is why it is so important to remove negative routines and replace them with ones that will create your dream life. If you make listening to this audio your morning routine, You will begin to see your dreams become a reality. And one day, you will wake up, living the dream you created, that dream that first started only in your mind
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