HSA 515 Health Care Policy, Law, and Ethics

HSA 515 – Health Care Policy, Law, and Ethics

Showalter, J. S. (2012). The law of healthcare administration (6th ed.). Chicago: Health Administration
Week 3 Discussion 1

"Perin v. Hayne" Please respond to the following:
From the case study, differentiate between the surgery that was anticipated by the patient and the actual surgery that was done for which a battery case could be made. Explain the four theories in which damages may be sought by the patient. Describe the instances in which the surgeon can be considered a reasonable physician.
You are a nurse manager of a medical unit. A diabetic patient stepped on piece of wood while walking barefoot in the halls. Is this considered contributory negligence or comparative negligence? Explain your answer

Week 3 Discussion 2
"Case Study: Woodyard, Insurance Commissioner v. Arkansas Diversified Insurance Co." Please respond to the following:
• Devise an explanation as to how the Blue Cross health plan can fall under the definition of “hospital and medical service corporation.”
Examine how this type of corporation fits into the health care system overall and explain how its unique characteristics serves its members and the doctors who subscribe to it. Discuss if this type of plan is ideal for you and your loved ones. Provide a rationale.
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