Blue Sky's Inverted Bob Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Blue Sky had a friend get her haircut with us, so she decided to have her hair cut short too! Blue Sky first poses outside, the wind blowing her very long hair in the breeze. She poses for a bit outside and then takes a seat in the old Padmair barber chair for her drastic haircut. She has a neck strip wrapped around her neck and a white sheer plastic cape thrown over her. Soon her waist-long hair is put into six ponytails, which are shorn off with a scissors. Afterwards, her hair is wet down and an Osters clippers starts on her nape. A scissors and comb are used to create a very sexy inverted bob. A razor creates the bangs. The Osters 76 clippers are used once again to clean up the nape, and Blue Sky is dusted off with a pink duster. Once her hair is blown dried, Blue Sky plays and feels her new haircut. It's so fantastic and new that she cannot stop touching it! There's quite a bit of footage at the end of Blue Sky showing off her new look.

Duration: approx. 59 minutes, screen size: 720x48, format .wmv
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