CSGO YouTube Thumbnail Template Pack

With this highly customisable CSGO Thumbnail Template you can give your channel the professional look it deserves. The bright colors and customisation options give you the control over how your YouTube videos are presented. Each color option of this template is in it's own photoshop document to allow for it to run as smoothly as possible. Inside the PSD you will find a folder called "Renders" inside are 20 masked out weapons that you can pick from, also there is a folder titled "Coloring Options" which are the colour leaks on the background, you can select multiple of these for a unique effect or just chose the one. Similarly you can change the background through the "backing options" folder which contains 10 images as well as 5 text options to choose from each with their own style. These options can be toggled through hiding and showing a layer/folder.

On purchase you will receive a .Rar file which can be extracted using Winrar on a PC and Rar Extractor on a Mac.
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